Thanks, team leaders

Thank you twice over to the great little group of team leaders who attended my Communication Skills for Supervisors course at Bath College this month – firstly for the very positive feedback you gave on the course content, and thanks also for being such enthusiastic and mutually supportive students.

I learned a lot from you about what information is most useful for team leaders – and I was especially delighted to hear how one of you had used constructive communication techniques to deal with a particularly tricky workplace situation – after only the first session of the course!

For those of you who wanted a follow-up course,  I’ve given some thought to this and I have an idea you might like.  Frankly, the material we looked at over the four weeks covered most of the situations a supervisor would encounter – I suspect that what is really needed is the chance to look more deeply at how to apply the principles to specific difficulties.

The answer might be an ongoing coaching group, to run for maybe four or six weeks, in which members could discuss constructive communication issues in more depth than we can on a teaching course.   We could bring in some relevant learning material targetted at specific individual needs and members could work towards a particular goal. Let me know if this interests you.

Meanwhile, the course has sparked some thoughts about relevant ideas I can discuss or signpost people to in this blog. It could be the start of an ongoing conversation, so please do ask questions or suggest ideas in the comment section of this blog.