About Karen

portrait_picHi, I’m Karen, and communication is my thing.

I  worked as a journalist for 11 years after leaving school, then spent ten years as a public speaker raising funds for an overseas charity.  Then I became a mediator, helping people communicate well to resolve serious disputes with the minimum financial and emotional cost.

Over time I’ve delved ever deeper into exploring what it takes to really connect with others – how to build trust in ourselves and each other to create better relationships; solve problems more effectively; minimise misunderstanding, estrangement and conflict – and feel more at peace with ourselves.

I offer workshops in communication skills for work and home life; one-to-one coaching, and tailored conflict resolution services.


  • Communication Skills for Supervisors enables supervisors to address performance and behaviour issues in a way that fosters co-operation in problem-solving and enhances working relationships. Currently offered as a 10-hour course over 4 weeks through Bath College.  Forthcoming May 4th – May 26th 2017.
  • How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk: Based on the work of Faber & Mazlish this 7-week workshop enables parents to deal constructively with children’s disappointment and frustration, develop confidence and co-operation, set clear boundaries and  consequences without being hurtful, and resolve family quarrels.
  • Talking to Teenagers: Short introductory  workshop for parents to explore how they can set standards and give guidance in ways that build trust, competence and responsibility rather than triggering battles or secrecy.
  • Gentle Ambition: Tailored workshop looking at common barriers that stop people getting all the satisfaction they want from life and relationships, and supporting participants to explore their aspirations and develop the confidence to create positive change in their lives.

For more information on getting one-to-one support, or if your organisation might benefit from support in any area of communication, confidence-building, problem-solving, negotiation or conflict resolution, email me at karenRbray@gmail.com.


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