Communications Skills for Supervisors

I’m delighted to have been invited to run another Communications Skills for Supervisors course at Bath College in May.  This may be for you if:

  • You are new to a team leading role
  • You are unsure how to tackle a team member who is not meeting performance or behaviour expectations
  • You’re concerned about your communication style being too vague or too aggressive.

Participants are welcome to bring their specific concerns to the table. Issues we tackled on the last course included:

  • telling someone they have a hygiene problem
  • responding constructively to an aggressive colleague
  • managing people who are older or more experienced
  • changing a communication style that was perceived as bullying

The most effective supervisors are those who are able to hold people accountable for their performance or behaviour in ways that solve problems without creating new ones. Because they are skilled at doing this they can set clear standards and targets for their teams, confident of meeting them.  It is this ability that separates the leaders of the most productive teams from the rest.

Course content includes: assertive communication; the accountability cycle; how to prepare for difficult conversations;  understanding motivation and capacity; creating a pleasant and productive working environment.  There’s also a personal assessment of your habitual communication style and how you can develop different approaches.

Here’s a link with some more information.




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